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afford an opportunity allow

answer in the negative say no

as a consequence of because of

at the present time now

at this point in time

attached herewith is here is

attached herewith please find here is

balance of the funds the rest of the money

be aware of know about

be entitled have the right

be hospitalized be in hospital

be supportive of support

because of the fact that because

due to the fact that because

following careful consideration after thinking it through

for the duration of during

for the purpose of for

give vive voce evidence say

have the capability be able

have the capacity can
to be able

I am of the opinion that I think

in accordance with by

in addition also

in addition to besides

in all probability probably

in an effort to to

in association with with

in camera private

in close proximity to near

in connection with about

in consequence of because

in excess of more than

in favour of for

in lieu of instead of

in order to to

in spite of the fact that although

in the absence of without

in the amount of of

in the course of during

in the event that if

in the near future soon

in the neighbourhood of about

incumbent upon must

limited number few

limited number few

not applicable does not apply

on the basis of by

on the grounds that because

owing to the fact that because

preliminary to before

preliminary to before

prior to before

prior to before

subsequent to after

subsequent to after

the manner in which how

this office us

this office us

this serves to illustrate this shows

to the extent that if

until such time as until

we have no option but to we must

with a view to to

with reference to about

with regard to about
as to

with respect to about

with the exception of except for

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